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12 Days until my due date-to-do list.

As my pregnancy is coming to a bittersweet end… I have a few things on my list still left to do.  I feel like if I write them on my beloved blog I will hold myself more accountable to kick my butt into high gear and get them done!

1. Finish packing my hospital bag.  This one is kind of funny because I was on husbands case for weeks telling him we need to pack all of our bags just in case she comes early.  Here we are 12 days until my due date and everyones bags are packed…. except mine.  Heres my excuse… I have read before that some women, when they feel like they are finally “ready” and have all their ducks lined up… they magically go into labor.  It’s like their mind and body know you are now ready so Bam! It’s go time! I am so scared (but excited) for when it will be “go time”.  I have everything packed except maybe 2 things and I’ll be ready to go!  I guess I need to stop putting it off huh?

2. Make baby’s diaper wipe solution.  This is an easy one but just today I decided I wanted to change the recipe I was going to originally use so I had to order an extra ingredient from Amazon… Have I ever said how much I LOVE Amazon?  They have everything and we have Amazon Prime so we get our stuff free 2 day shipping, it’s amazing but dangerous haha!  Any ways, that will be a fun “to-do” and I’ll do a blog post when I make the wipe solution to share with you all.

3. Pick out her middle name.  This one we really need to get done.  We have narrowed her middle name down to maybe 4 or 5 but now we need to hurry up and pick our favorite!

4.Get our installed carseat inspected.  We were told by a few people to go to the highway patrol station to have them make sure we installed our car seat correctly so that is high up on out to-do list.  Safety First!

5. Unload/charge and pack cameras.  Self explanatory….

6. Make another batch of laundry soap.  About 6 weeks ago I made my first batch of homemade laundry soap and it turned out AWESOME!  now, 6 weeks later we are about to run out so I need to make another batch.  I’m sure that when I get home from the hospital, making laundry soap (although super easy) is one of the last things I want to do!  

Hmm… That’s actually all I can’t think of that we need to do!  I guess 6 things isn’t bad.  If I think of anything else I’ll come back and add it to the list!

Thanks for reading, This isn’t exactly a fun or exciting post but more one for me to put my “preggo-brain” thoughts down somewhere that I can come back to them.

I can’t believe my due date is in 12 days…where in the world did the time go?!

XOXO Love Always, Miyuki

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