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3 Best Places to Cool off in California Adventure

Hello Everyone!  A few days ago I took my daughter to California Adventure and holy moly was it a scorcher of a day.  It was 90 but felt like 350 degrees…Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic but seriously, it was H-O-T!  Not only was it hot but it was also super packed so I sent out to find some places for us to be entertained but also cool down.

I came up with these 3 places that I think are the best places to cool down at California Adventure on a hot day.

First stop was the Little Mermaid ride.

This ride usually has one of the shortest lines in the whole park  (usually only 5 minutes!) and even if the line is long it’s still usually only 15 minutes.

 It’s a slow moving ride and when you “go under water” the A/C blast feels great.  My 7 month old daughter LOVES this ride and I’m pretty fond of it myself.  So take a break and go on an adventure “Under the Sea” and cool off.

Next stop was the Animation building and definitely one of my favorite spots in the entire park.  We stop by here every time we go to California Adventure to sit down, enjoy the films, draw a character, or watch “Turtle Talk” with Crush.

Last time we were in the Animation building there was a photo pass photographer in there and he took some amazing photos of my daughter.  The photographer was actually so nice and awesome that I left a compliment card for him at City Hall, I was so thankful!

My husband and I like to grab smoothies across the street at the “Schmooooooozie” place and enjoy them inside the Animation Studio.

Our last stop on our hot day in California Adventure was to watch a showing of the Disney Jr. live show.  It was my first time taking Azalea to watch it and she loved it!  It is a nice big open area where you sit on the floor (no seats) and enjoy the show.  Yes, it’s obviously aimed towards little youngins BUT, if your hurting for some A/C and want to just sit and cool for a little while this is a great place to go!

So there you have it folks, my top 3 places I like to go to escape the heat at California Adventure!  Where are your favorite places to go to cool off on hot Summer days?  Comment below!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Love Always, Miyuki Angel

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