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Adventure Playground in Irvine, CA

Have you ever heard of Adventure Playground in Irvine, CA?  Me neither, this place is SO cool!  I wanted to find things to do while my brother was in town visiting and came across this little gem.

The park hours are 10AM to dusk and the address is 1 Beech Tree Lane Irvine

This park is awesome.  It’s way more then just a playground!  It’s a place to let your kids imaginations soar, get creative, get dirty and have a great time.   There is a main structure/jungle gym, building blocks, cement slides, a mud play area, and more!

Check out this cool muddy area.  Right above it there are 3 pumps that you can pump water down to this area…did I mention to bring extra clothes for your littles?  Don’t mind them getting muddy, thats the whole point!  Let them get creative and dirty- they will love it!  As you can see there are toy trucks and tractors there to play with.

There’s a sandpit and these blocks are super cool.  You can build so much with them!  There’s also random parts laying around to get your child (or children) to use their imaginations.

These cement slides are pretty cool, but fair warning… make sure your feet are down when you get to the bottom OR you will land ON your bottom haha!  While we were there I witnessed 4 kids (including my brother) biff it.

Bring extra clothes, shoes that can get wet and muddy, water, sunblock and snacks.


Thanks for reading.

XOXO Love Always, Miyuki Angel

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