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Azalea is 1 Week Old!

Where did the time go?! On December   Miss. Azalea turned one week old yesterday.  It is crazy how much my husband and I have learned about her in just one week and also how I am already sad that she is growing up- Stay my little baby forever!!!

She is so smart for a newborn, we keep saying how it doesn’t even seem like we have a newborn because she is so advanced!  While we were in the hospital she rolled over from her back to her side and the nurse was so shocked!  We couldn’t believe it either.  She is also SO alert, I swear she isn’t a newborn haha!  In her first week of life she has already taught us to love more and see the world totally different.  She IS our entire world.  We are so in love with her.

When she was 4 days old we took her to her first doctors appointment where they checked up on her and gave her first vaccine that they did not do in the hospital.  She did pretty good and when she got her shot I couldn’t help but tear up.  I hated hearing her scream from the shot, poor baby.  But she was a champ through it all!

We took so many photos of her this week, here are a few of our favorites from her first week of life!

Look at all that hair!

At just a few days old, our daughter was already smiling!   She is the cutest!!!

This was from when we just got home

On our 5th night home Azalea decided she wanted to wake up at 3:00am for her feeding and diaper change but she decided that she wanted daddy to hold her and not put her down.  Every time she fell asleep her would put her down and she would wake up screaming.  All she wanted was her daddy .   Being the amazing Daddy he is, he stayed awake from 3am-8am holding her so she could sleep.  If she was much older she wouldn’t get this spoiled but…shes only a week old and I honestly believe you can’t spoil a newborn.  I LOVE this picture because this was later on that morning…both of them were exhausted ha!

Her first week of life has been amazing.  I catch myself just staring at her and sometimes I even tear up.  I am so in love with her and I can’t believe she is ours!

We will be doing her photos monthly, I just wanted to document her first week of life because it has been an amazing one .

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Love Always, Miyuki

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