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Azalea's Birth Story.

We have been home from the hospital for 6 days now and I have been looking forward to writing up her birth story so I won’t forget anything since it is still fresh in my mind.  When I look back at the labor and delivery I don’t think there is anything I would have changed and I am happy to report that our beautiful baby girl is healthy, happy and as beautiful as can be!

So here I go, this is Azalea’s birth story.

On Wednesday December 9th at 10:45am I had a doctors appointment, just like I do every week.  The moment I walked into the office the lady at the front desk commented how miserable and tired I looked.  Yeah, I was definitely ready to have this baby!  Uncomfortable was a bit of an understatement at that point.  I got called back to my room and it turned out that I had protein in my urine and pretty high blood pressure so my doctor told me to go to the hospital, that we were having a baby today or tomorrow! (High blood pressure and protein in your urine is a sign of preeclampsia, which is very dangerous and why I had to get the baby out). I instantly looked at my husband and started to cry.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was 39 weeks that day so I should have been prepared but I wasn’t prepared to be told that day I was going to have my baby right away.

Before I left the office for the hospital my doctor wanted to check to see if I was dilated at all.  This was the first time my whole pregnancy I had been checked and it was a little uncomfortable but not super painful like I had heard and anticipated.  She was totally in shock.  She said “Well, I have good news for you guys” and my husband said “What, is she dilated to a 3 or a 4?” and  the doctor put her thumb in the air and raised it higher “A 5? he said” Nope, turns out I was dilated to a 6 already.  HOLY COW, HOW WAS I DILATED TO A 6 AND DIDN’T KNOW I WAS IN LABOR?!  She gave us a form to give to the hospital and rushed us out the door and said we needed to get to the hospital NOW.  I was in total shock.  I had been having bad cramps for a few days but I didn’t realize they were contractions because they weren’t in any type of pattern.  I knew I wasn’t being a baby about the pains I was feeling, I was pretty proud of myself for making it to a 6!

Anyways, we get to the hospital, I get checked in really fast, changed into a gown and put into a delivery room.  I got admitted around noon and so much happened in a very quick time.

 I got my IV put in which HURT so bad.  I was very anxious because the last IV I ever got I fainted but this one hurt way more but I didn’t faint this time! Woo Hoo, go me!  I also had to get antibiotics pumped into me ASAP and holy cow that hurt so, so, so bad.  I was in so much pain so she turned it down and diluted it and it helped a little bit.  It literally felt like someone was breaking my arm, it was SO painful.

I also got my blood drawn because apparently if you want an epidural they have to draw your blood and make sure you are good to go before they give you one.  Within I’m guessing an hour or so I got my blood drawn, got the results and got my epidural placed.

I was more scared for the IV and getting an epidural then I was for actually giving birth.  The IV was as bad as I thought it would be but honestly, the epidural wasn’t bad AT ALL.  Everyone told me that I’ll be in so much pain from the contractions that I wouldn’t feel the epidural but somehow I wasn’t even in that much pain and I was dilated to a 6 at that point.  The epidural didn’t hurt, they give you a numbing shot first that stung a little but not bad at all, then they place the epidural and all I felt was pressure, never once was I in pain!

Kind of random but the morning I got admitted my husband made the worst pancakes ever,  He is an amazing cook so I don’t know what happened that day but I didn’t eat breakfast which meant I didn’t get to eat for the entire day, it totally sucked.  They let me eat a tiny bit of jello but that was it and at one point they cut off my ice chips too.

The rest of the day was basically a waiting game.  I had my epidural placed so whenever the contractions started I didn’t feel much.  I thought my legs would be completely numb but to my surprise I could lift them up and move them around just fine.  They told me that means I had a great epidural buuuuuuuut no.  Later on in the night the epidural didn’t work on my entire right side.  It was HORRIBLE, but I’ll get to that part later…

During the evening and night they got the baby station all ready for her arrival.  We wanted to use our own soap (California Baby which is a safe/natural soap) and our own diapers (Earth Best which is eco friendly) and they were super cool about it!  I’m so glad we stuck to what we wanted for her and the nurses were so accepting of our wishes.

The nurse that was there with us was shocked at how long my contractions were, she was calling them “Godzilla” contractions because they were lasting 5 and 6 minutes!  She even brought in another nurse just to show her how long they were.  I wish we got a photo of one of them, they were pretty crazy looking.

The room was really peaceful and just how I wanted it to be.  The lights were dimmed low and I just laid there pretty much unbothered and labored.  I’m glad I made my calming playlist because I listened to the whole thing twice and it was so nice.

I had no sense of time after a while.  I remember asking my husband what time it was and always being so shocked that it was so late.  By the way, I want to mention how amazing my husband was during the whole labor and delivery process.  He was awesome and did such an amazing job.  He was right there by my side and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.  When it came time to push he was so encouraging and was an awesome cheerleader and kept cheering me on, I am so lucky.

When I got to 8cm I stopped dilating and progressing  so they gave me a small dose of pitocin.  It was horrible.  My epidural started to ware off on only my right side so I felt everything on half of my body and it hurt so bad.  They only gave me a small amount to help me move along then they shut it off so I could progress on my own but the pitocin made the pain so much worst.  I ended up getting two small doses throughout my labor.  My epidural bag also got empty and it took the anesthesiologist a long time to come replace it which caused a small argument between him and the nurse so I was crying in terrible pain for a little bit until it started to kick in again, BUT it only worked on the left side of my body…ai yi yi.

Anyways, after a few more hours it was finally time to push.  Every time I felt a contraction I would push for a 10 count three times then rest.  I practiced with the nurse for a while until it was time.  My amazing doctor came in and it was baby pushing time.  I pushed and pushed and pushed but I was making only a little bit of progress.  A nurse used the “tug of war” technique on me and holy cow, it worked wonders.  She got a bed sheet and tied a knot at both ends.  She held on to one end and I held on to the other and when a contraction came we would both pull with all our might. At one point my doctor said I needed another dose of antibiotics and I told her how much I didn’t want it, she also mentioned a C-section which she knew I didn’t want that either.  She gave me 20 minutes to push the baby out or I’d have to get both and with all my might I pushed sweet little baby Azalea out at 2:03am on December 10th and avoided the antibiotics AND the C-section.  My doctor says this was one of her favorite births and she said she has delivered around 2,000 babies!  She jokes that all she had to do was threaten me with the antibiotics and c-section and I did the rest haha!  Total I pushed a little over two hours and was laboring at the hospital for 14 hours.

Azalea was born at 2:03AM weighing 7lb 7oz and was 20inches long.

This was her very first photo ever taken!

It all seems like such a blur to me now that I look back on it all.  When I think about the  delivery it was kind of like those scenes from a movie where the main character kind of goes deaf and everything is in slow motion yet so much is happening around them.  Thats what comes to mind when I try to remember the delivery.  Everyone was so calm and encouraging, I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor, nursing staff, and husband. They were all wonderful!

While I was in labor and also pushing my blood pressure got extremely high-like, really REALLY high.  After having the baby I was given a blood pressure medication, helped to the bathroom where they teach you how to take care of yourself then back to the bed for some family bonding time.  They let us bond together for about an hour, maybe a little bit more then they moved us to a recovery room. Since the moment she was born, Azalea was so full of life and so alert.  She was born at 2:03am and stayed awake until around 9am.  She didn’t even cry or anything she was just observing the world around her.  We were totally amazed. Later that morning she had her first visitors.  She met both her Grandpa’s, her Auntie Kristina and her cousin Daniel.

She is so advanced for a newborn it’s crazy.  Later on, on the day she was born the nurse flipped out because she rolled over in her little baby crib box thing!  At first I thought something was wrong but the nurse was just SO surprised that she already rolled over from her back to her side after being only a few days old!  She also could pick her head up and turn it side to side already.

The next day I was so happy when I got the “A-ok” to shower.  After taking the most amazing shower ever we went on our first family outing; a nice slow walk around the labor and delivery floor.

We were in the hospital for 3 nights and 4 days.  It seemed like a lifetime!  They had to monitor my blood pressure because it was so high and I was even put on blood pressure medication but we finally got cleared to go home.  While we were at the hospital we ended up staying awake for 3 days straight!  For me I think it was my adrenaline still going and  just wanting to be with my new little family

We got her dressed in her going home outfit, packed up our room and happily headed home!!!

I love the photo below, she is so little and adorable!

Proud family!

Happy Daddy!

Ready to go home!

Our world is complete!

We were so happy and excited to finally be going home with our new bundle of joy!  We were also excited to introduce our fur babies to her and they LOVE her!  Makes my heart smile!

Well, that’s little Miss. Azalea’s birth story.

 Here it is a week later and it all feels like a dream, I can’t believe she is here!  We are so in love and excited for this next chapter in our lives.

Thanks for Reading!

XOXO Love Always, Miyuki

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