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Azalea Turns 1 Month Old.

Our little love has turned one month old, and as cliche as it sounds… I don’t know where the time went!  This first month has been such a busy one, and not with the normal “newborn” type busyness.  My husband completed his recruiting duty which means we have moved!  It’s actually a bit complicated but we will be separated for a few months until he is done with training but then afterwards our family will be back together again.

Look at our big girl hold her head up!  Ever since she was born I felt like she wasn’t a newborn and now I swear she isn’t just one month old.  When I was making this photo I actually started tearing up a bit.  I can’t believe how much she has changed from her one week photo to her one month photo… Let’s take a look at them side by side…

Oh my gosh… *tears!  Although her one week photo isn’t exactly the best photo you can still see such a huge difference…….gosh!

Here are her one month bath photos, she used to not like bath time but now she does!

I love this one of her looking at me!!!

So much has happened in her first month of life, here are some of the big stuff. On January 19th (9 days after her 1 month birthday) she has her One month check up: 80% for weight 60% for height 50% for head circumferenceOur princess has met a bunch of her family!

Both her Grandpa’s, her Aunt Krissy and Cousin Daniel met her at the hospital the day she was born.

Aunt Yochi, Cousin Bailey, Nana, Aunt Sara, Aunt Jennifer, and Aunt Deborah.

Family friends Alesia, Gracie, Cassandra and Bryan.

Aunt Lena, Uncle Josh, Great Grandma and Aunt Pam.

Aunt Candiss, Uncle Matt, and Uncle Keifer

The woman of the hour A.K.A. the Dr. who took care of me during my whole pregnancy and delivered Azalea; Dr. Sogocio.  She is seriously SO amazing, I really couldn’t have asked for a better Dr.  One of my favorite moments was during the delivery and she was yelling and cheering me on to keep pushing (I actually just got goosebumps just now thinking about that moment)  She was so encouraging and down to earth and just all around amazing.  I am so thankful for her.

At 4 days old she went to her first Dr. appointment and got her first vaccine and an all over wellness check.  I teared up  when they gave her her shot…I’m such a baby.

When we gave her her first bath, she didn’t like it at all… and I got peed on while handing her to her daddy.  Then at her second bath she like it a lot more and she peed on me again but this time at the end of the bath when Daddy was handing her off to me.  Now she’s a pro at bath time!

She fits into 3 month clothes! Holy Cow!  She has grown super fast!

She has her good nights and bad nights when it comes to sleeping.  I can count the amount of bad nights on one hand so I’m thinking thats pretty good for a newborn.  Some nights she sleeps 2-3 hours at a time.  Other nights its still 2-3 hours except once she’s awake and fed she doesn’t want to get put back down.

Had her first Christmas!

Had her first New Year!

She has many nick names already… Little love, Zay Zay, Baby Bear, Baby boo bear (don’t ask, haha), and hubby called her Stinky butt sometimes haha.

She isn’t a good burper… no matter how long or how many different ways we try to burp her.   Poor thing has the worst air/tummy issues so we give her Gripe water and do tummy massages and bicycle kicks to help relieve the pain for her.  Hopefully as she gets older this issue will start to go away.

She is a great eater.  Breastfeeding (besides the incredible pain at the beginning) has been pretty easy and I give about 90% of the credit to Azalea.  She was a pro from the very beginning-literally seconds after they placed her on me she practically crawled over and latched on all other own.

Oh, Since the new year I have been posting on Instagram a photo a day of her using the hashtag #Azalea365 feel free to check them out

As I said above, we moved temporarily but will be together with Daddy again soon in a few months!  So she went through her first of many military moves!

Here are a few of my favorite photos of her first month of life.  It was so hard to just pick these and not select every photo I have taken of her…Which I’m sure you can imagine is a lot!

Her first month of life has been an amazing and crazy one.  I thought I knew what love was until I had my daughter.  Now I truly know what love is, she is our everything and I can’t wait to watch her grow!

Happy One Month Birthday baby love.

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Love Always, Miyuki

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