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Azalea Turns 2 Months Old

Again, where did the time go?!  I cannot believe how much our little love has grown and developed.  She is such a big girl already at only 2 months old!

She is getting SO big!!!!

Look at how adorable she is!  I just can’t believe that we made such a beautiful little human being!   Her headband totally slipped down, but she is still rocking it!

Here are her second month highlights!

*On February 15th she had her 2 month check up and they weighed her in at 12 lb 1 oz and 23.25 inches ( I was off a little when I made her graphic) 70% for weight 85% for height 50% for head circumference. She also got her 2 month shots.  She was such a trooper, She cried and so did I.  I felt so bad she was in so much pain.

She has been sleeping way better through out the night, average of 4-6 hours at a time!  She usually sleeps better when Daddy is here visiting.

She is a great eater!  Ever since she was born we never had a problem with her latching on or anything.  She was a pro from the get-go and I am so thankful for that.

She has started grabbing at her toys.  It is so amazing witnessing her learning how to play and realizing that she can grab things with her hands!

February 7th she slept 7 hours! We ended up waking her up to feed her and change her diaper and she went right back to sleep! What a big girl!

Daddy left for his training.  It was a sad day but we know we will see him again soon.

This month she met more of her family!

She met her other Grandma and Uncle Bryson.  This was also her first time going back to mine and my husbands hometown.  Not the best photo of her, it was FREEZING!

She got to meet her Uncle Reuben and Natalie.  She LOVES her Uncle Reuben and loves falling asleep on his chest.

Met mommy’s friends Ariana and Erin!

Azalea got to ride in the stroller for the first time ever, and of course it was at Hobby Lobby, mommy’s favorite store! (I’m a dork, I know!)

Went to a Bakersfield Brewery (Temblor) with our family!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from her 2nd month Earth side!

Thanks for reading and following our journey!  Our little love is growing up so fast and I love documenting her life and I can’t wait to one day show her all of her monthly posts!


Love Always, Miyuki Angel

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