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Azalea turns 3 Months Old!

It is amazing watching my daughter grow and learn new things.  Every time she does something new I’m in awe watching her figure it out and then repeat her new learned skill!

Our baby girl turned 3 months *sigh, about 10 days ago… I’m SO slacking on her blog post…bad mommy! BUT, better late then never!  She has grown so much and is learning fun new skills!

Look at those cheeks!  She has the chunkiest/cutest cheeks ever!!!  I just love her to pieces

This month has been one for the books.  Before she would smile but now she smiles on purpose and also full on laughs now!  It is the CUTEST thing in the entire world when she smiles and laughs and I can feel my heart just melt for her every time.

I love the way she’s posed in the above picture, she got all sassy on her own ha!

She’s so beautiful !

Every month when I do her blog post I tear up because I can’t believe how much she is growing up!!!  It is already going by to fast!

Here are her highlights from her 3rd month of life.

On February 12th she got to meet her Uncle George!  He drove all the way up here to spend the weekend with us.

We went to her first Whiskey Flatts Days in Kernville, CA on February 13th.  The weather was beautiful and we all had a great time!

Baby girl’s first Valentines day!  She is SO adorable!

Daddy took us to this really nice asian restaurant where they cook the food in front of you and do tricks and what not.  It was an awesome night and our first date night with all 3 of us!  Daddy is the best Valentine ever !

On February 15th baby girl had her 2 month check up and had her 2 month vaccines.  She cried so much, it was terrible. I cried and held her and felt terrible, so so terrible. She weighed in on the 15th at 12lbs 1oz She is in the 70% for weight Her height is 23.25 inches which makes her in the 85% for height Her head circumference is 15inches which makes her in the 50% for her head circumference.

February 20th we had our first urgent care visit.  We woke up and she had 2 poopy diapers that had specks of blood in it.  The doctors said she was okay and kind of blew it off so I did some research of my own and I actually think her stomach was messed up from drinking to much formillk and not enough of the hind milk so I started pumping a little before I feed her and I think it actually helped her stomach.  She hasn’t had any more blood specks in her diaper and actually her gassiness went away a little!

February 24th it was Grandpa’s birthday and he drove up here to spend the day with us!  We are so happy he came to visit and we loved spending the day with him!

On February 27th she started trying to roll over!

On February 28th Daddy was in town from training and we packed up a lunch and went on our very first family picnic at the park.

We love when Daddy is here visiting!

On March 1st we went to Grandma Carey’s last home soccer game which was Azalea’s very first soccer game!

March first was also her first time laughing on purpose (and it was at mommy!) AND her first time wearing a dress.  She looked SOOOOOO adorable in her dress.

Here are a bunch of photos of her from over the month, I take so many but I just can’t help myself, she’s ADORABLE!

Azalea got this cool jumper entertainment center thingy from us and her MeeMaw.  She can only sit in it for small amounts of time because her neck gets tired but so far she loves it!

Cousin time!

Thanks for reading!  I really enjoy blogging about my little love and I know that Ill enjoy looking back at these posts when she’s older!


Love Always,


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