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Azalea turns 4 Months Old

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

The past few weeks have been c-r-a-z-y, which is my excuse why her 4 month blog post is nearly 3 weeks late (yikes!)  My hubby is back from 3 months of training and we just moved into out new home!  Moving is crazy but moving with a baby is a new level of crazy but luckily Azalea is such a good and easy baby she made it pretty easy on us.  We have been unpacking and trying to get our house back in order before he goes back to work with his new unit so i’m just now getting around to doing baby girls blog post!

Holy cuteness!  She just warms my heart with how sweet, adorable, and every other positive amazing word out there.  I’m always looking at her in awe that she is my daughter.  I feel so lucky to call her mine!  As cliche as it sounds, in the 4months she has been here I have learned more the I may ever have before and I swear my heart has quadrupled in size.  She is my everything.  I can’t even imagine my life without her, she brings so much joy to our lives… *tear…

She is so beautiful!

This might be my favorite picture of her, she’s perfect!

I’m so happy that she ended up loving bath time!  When she was a newborn she didn’t really enjoy her first few baths because I’m guessing we had the water to cold? IDK, new parent jitters and I was so scared to burn her delicate skin, but now she LOVES bath time and she kicks and splashes and has a blast!

From month three to four she really started to become more mobile.  On March 16th she started scooting herself backwards (on her back!)  Crazy girl!

On the 13th she slept 7 hours and that morning while we were cuddling she discovered her feet!

On March 18th we took our first trip down to L.A. to visit family. It was a surprise so that made the trip even more fun!  She got to meet her Great Grandma, her great Uncle… but will just call him “Uncle” and her Aunts and Uncles.  Oh, and this was the longest she’s ever been in a car, she did awesome!

Within that week (or so) she has really started to be able to grad and reach for things!  She loves to hold my hand and have me rub the back of her hand while she’s falling asleep.

From the 13th till about the 24th she was sleeping completely through the night!  but then on the 24th she started getting sick, she had a slight cough and was getting super congested.  On the  night of the 27th my little love had a fever of 101.2, was still congested and had a slight cough and the next day I got her into the doctor at 8am.

She was getting worst and I was so worried for her.  The doctor swabbed her nose (She screamed because it was painful and I broke down in tears!) and the swab came back positive, she caught the virus RSV.  There was no medication to help her so she was put on breathing treatments with a nebulizer 3 times a day.

Thankfully, over about a 2 week span she finally got better.  Those nights were so tough because she wouldn’t breathe out of her nose.  She was so congested, it was absolutely terrible.

March 27th was babies first Easter!  She was terribly sick but still had a great first Easter!

On the 29th, she rolled over for the first time!  She was still sick too, what a trooper!  I actually put her in her bathing suit to try it on then decided to put her down for tummy time and BAM!  She rolls over from tummy to back!  

On March 30th I donated 247.5 oz of breastmilk to a baby in need.  It felt amazing knowing I was able to feed a baby who needed it!

On April 4th she was yelling and screaming alllllllllll day long… (A happy yell) but still, she loves to hear he adorable little voice!

Here are a bunch of my favorite photos from this past month, my little love is ADORABLE!

Oh yeah, little stinker started sucking her thumb!

I know, I know… I take a lot of photos!  But hey, can you blame me?  SHE’S ADORABLE!

I can’t believe this post is almost a month late (not quite) but her 5 month blog post is going to be a good one!  She s growing so fast, I can’t believe it and I catch myself tearing up all the time looking at her and I just can’t believe how much she has changed!  I love her with all my heart.

Thanks for reading!


Love Always,

Miyuki Angel

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