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Azalea turns 5 Months Old!

My sweet, sweet little love recently turned 5 months old…uhh… thats 1 month short of half a year! My baby is growing up so fast, its both exciting and so sad at the same time (and I know all of you parents out there know exactly what I mean).  I tell my husband I wish the time it takes her to grow up took twice as long…it’s all happening way to fast.  At this point I swear she is doing something new every day and is so active now.

Again, I am almost 2 weeks late posting her 5 months post!   Moving and trying to get unpacked while wanting to go explore our new town makes it hard to get around to doing her monthly posts but it is super important to me so I need to do a better job at posting them in a timely manner!

We moved!

Zae got her ears pierced!  She wasn’t very happy about it and cried afterwards but thankfully they healed up fast and we didn’t even do much to them at all!

This month was a big one with a lot of fun “firsts”.  She went to Disneyland, California Adventure and Universal Studios for the first time.  Here are a few photos from our trip, Ill be doing a separate post with all the photos and I will link it when it’s done.

Day 1…Disneyland!  We had a great time, thankfully the weather was great and she met a few characters.  Her very first ride was “It’s a Small World”

Day 2… California Adventure.  We actually ran over to Disneyland for an hour or so then went to California Adventure for the day.  Again, it was an awesome time.

On May 9th we went to Universal Studios.  My husband and I haven’t been in at least 10+ years so it was nice to see how much it has changed.  I will post a few photos but will do a full blog post on out full trip and link it here!

My husband and I are huge Angels baseball fans so we both were SUPER excited to take our daughter to her first baseball game!  It also happened to be Mother’s day

We also took our little love to the beach for the first time.  This month we moved and are lucky enough to live a short 5 minutes from the beach so we go all the time!  Here are photos from her very first time to the beach

And of course, here are a few of my favorite photos of her from this month.  She is such a blessing, we just love her to the moon and back.  She is learning so much every single day and I swear every day she does something new, she is awesome!

It sure does seem like she has changed a lot from month 4 to month 5, it’s so fun to watch her grow and learn new things and watch her develop!

Thanks for reading


Love Always, Miyuki Angel

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