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Azalea Turns 7 Months Old!

Our little love has turned 7 months old and I’m sitting here unsure where the time went!  I try to not get sad about her growing up so fast but I just can’t help it.  I’m very excited for the future and I love watching her grow but when I think of how little she was and how far we have come in such a short time I get a little teary eyed…

She is such the little talker now!  Her favorite word by far is “da-da”.  da-da this and da-da that….always saying da-da and occasionally she will throw a “ma-ma” in there.

 Her menu has grown a lot since last month.  She now eats (all organic!) avocados, white peaches, carrots and sweet potatoes.  She loves to eat but prefers to feed herself.

She is very, very active now!   She rolls over both ways like a champ and can scoot around.  She’s super close to crawling, I can’t believe it!  Once she’s completely mobile, we’re all in trouble!  She also can get around like a pro in her walker.  she will walking a room and fully turn around and all out.  I don’t know why but its hilarious and just so crazy to me that she is able to think for herself and know she wants to go in a room then walk out..blows my mind!

Here are a bunch of photos from her 7th month of life!

Look at that red hair!  It is crazy red in the sun, but she’s SOOOO cute!!!  Thanks for following along .


Love Always, Miyuki Angel

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