• Ashley Angel

Azalea Turns 8 Months Old

This blog post is embarrassing late-my bad!  Life has been so crazy and I have a million excuses but instead of going there let’s just all take a minute and look at how adorable my baby is, shall we? I mean, c’mon!!! She is the cutest!

This photo cracks me up, look at that attitude!

She is learning so much so fast, she’s a great crawler, she loves to play with her toys, she falls asleep fast in the car and she is just all around amazing!

I took her to Sea World for the first time and she LOVED it.  She loved to look at all the animals and fish.

My brother came to stay with us for 2 weeks!! It was great spending the time with him and for him and Azalea to bond a little.  For him to get any screen time (30 min at a time on either t.v. or computer) he had to read Azalea a book first.

Here are more photos from her 8th month!

Thank you so much for following along!



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