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Baby Angel Progress- Week 11

So, after taking this photo and adding the wording I noticed I should wear a tighter top and not loose tops…lesson learned.  Right now I’m at a weird stage where I feel fat and not exactly pregnant in the clothes I wear and a little self conscious even thought I know I shouldn’t…because I’m Pregnant!  This week flew by and I was surprised to see that the baby is a size of a lime this week! Wow, Baby Angel you are growing so fast!

How far along? 11 Weeks.   May 27th, 2015 Total weight gain/loss: Since getting pregnant I have loss and gained weight…but currently I have gained about 4-5lbs Maternity clothes? Not yet…BUT this week hubby took me to buy new normal clothes (non maternity) that will fit me during my pregnancy.  Tops and dresses that have the hem under the bust line…super comfy! Stretch marks? eh…I’m starting to see a few lines on my hips even thought I use cocoa butter every night and drinking plenty of water…but honestly I’m okay with it and I don’t think they will be there afterward.  They are super light and no one else would probably notice them. Sleep: Every night is different some nights this week I sleep well without waking up, some nights I struggle to fall asleep because my back hurts, and some nights I wake up 2 times to go to the bathroom…it’s always different! Best moment this week: I have 2 best moments.  On Wednesday May 27th we had a quick appointment to check on the babies heart and for a few minutes it was scary because the doctor couldn’t find the babies heart at first so she switched to the ultrasound machine and Bam! there the baby was, great heartbeat and moving around like crazy!  It was pretty cool to be able to see the baby.  Oh and I got all my blood results back and everything is fine and dandy!  The next best moment of the week was on Saturday May 30th A.J. ran in a Mud run in Lathrop, CA.

He did really good. He finished 4th overall out of 3400 finishers and although I think that is so good he is super mad at himself because he knows he could have gotten first but he got held up at a few obstacle courses waiting for people to finish.

I’m SUPER proud of him and how good he did!

Oh, actually I have a 3rd best moment of the week.  When we picked up my nephew at the outlets we went into Gymboree and they had their whole baseball line there and on sale!!! If you know my husband and I you know how much we LOVE baseball (Go Angels!) so of course we bought one of everything!

and before we get flak from anyone….to US, these can be gender neutral…if its a girl, just put a red bow on her and she’s good to go…BOOM! She won’t need to wear only pink! Miss Anything? hmm…not really.  I find myself wanting stuff here and there that I shouldn’t eat or drink but none of the things I want I ate or drink before so I don’t really miss anything. Movement: none yet but I think when  do feel the baby move for the first time it will feel more “real” to me that I’m pregnant. Food cravings: None.  The only thing that is different is I find myself wanting REALLY cold drinks where before I liked my water room temperature. Anything making you queasy or sick: Before I couldn’t even think of cheese and today (June 2, 2015) I was able to share a quesadilla with my nephew so I guess that has gotten better.  My medicine has helped me so much! Sometimes brushing my teeth makes me sick… Gender: A.J. thinks boy and for the first time I was thinking it was a boy too.  At our appointment when I saw the baby moving so much it made me feel like it was a boy and he got his moving around so much from his daddy.  Yes, I know a girl will move just as much but that was just what crossed my mind….so for this week I think its a boy Labor Signs: No! and I don’t plan on it for a long, long, time! Symptoms: light cramping here and there, tired often and feeling more hungry from time to time.  This week I started drinking a organic protein drink every day and I think thats making me feel better. Belly Button in or out? in…I hope it stay that way….if it gets pushed out, will it go back in!? hmm…. I hope so… Wedding rings on or off? on Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy Looking forward to: I look forward to getting out of this weird stage of feeling fat instead of pregnant, finding out the gender (hopefully next month) and all of our Summer Adventures we have coming up!

Thanks for reading! XOXO

Love Always,


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