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Baby Angel Progress- Week 15

This week seems to be the week that my baby belly really “popped”!  This week was the first time I actually felt like other people could tell I was pregnant and not just putting on a few pounds!  Every week we take maybe 20 photos and I go thru them and try to find the best one, although this wasn’t the “best” one I loved it because our Espy girl snuck in! She’s a silly girl!

How far along? 15 Weeks. June 24th, 2015

Total weight gain/loss: Off to the scale I go… okay i weighed in today at 125 (I also just ate lunch) so I’m not sure how accurate this is… so far I’ve gained 11 lbs in 15 weeks.

Maternity clothes? Yes! and OOOOH Man, what a game changer.  I got 2 pairs of pregnancy shorts from the store “Motherhood” and I’m so thankful that the smalls fit me.  The shorts are SO comfortable and they look great!  The band goes so low so it doesn’t feel weird or any pressure at all on my belly, i LOVE them and I’m so glad I got them!!!

Stretch marks? Yes. No new ones, just the ones on my hips still.

Sleep: Lately I have been so tired that I just pass out and only wake up to go to the bathroom, no bad dreams lately (Thank god!).

Best moment this week: I have a few best moments this week.  On Wednesday June 24th we had a quick baby appointment.  It was the normal stuff like vitals and any questions that we had AND the best part, we got to hear the babies heartbeat!!!! I love that, the doctor said the babies heart sounds great.  I like having appointments so often because I always have a lot of questions, I asked her about my weight gain and she said she isn’t worried about my weight gain because I got a late start so I’ll be just fine!

Another great moment this week happened on June 26th, 2015…

This is something I feel so strongly about.  Love is love no matter what and Love always wins.

Last best moment this week was when we traveled up to Santa Rosa area to visit A.J.’s family.  We always have the best time when we go up there!  The ride up (and back actually) was a little miserable.  Holy leg cramps! and what was supposed to take only about 3 hours ended up taking 5 hours because of traffic and having to stop a few times!

While we were there we did some shopping, hung out with family and went to this cute little lake we went to last year when we were up.

It is SO beautiful up there!!! Espy loves to play fetch and when we would throw the stick in the water she would run to the edge and stop and reach out as far as she could and wait for the small waves to push the stick in to her.  It was so funny!

But about 5 minutes later she was flying and jumping into the lake after the stick, AJ and I were SO proud of her!!! I wish I could post the video because it was so funny and awesome!

We can’t wait to come back!!!

Food cravings:Nothing crazy like I hear from friends or see on t.v. but sometimes I find myself wanting ice cold water, ice cold watermelon and sometimes (like, 1 day) I really wanted chocolate chip cookies.  But I wouldn’t consider them cravings really….but I do look forward to those crazy cravings I hear about!

Anything making you queasy or sick: being the passenger in a car has been making me feel sick, if I don’t eat small snacks often I tend to feel sick and certain random smells make me feel super sick still!

Gender:A.J. is probably going to stick with boy until we find out, he’s stuck with Boy since the beginning and I’m thinking its a girl!

Labor Signs: No! and I don’t look forward to the labor pains…

Symptoms: same as the past few weeks, maybe getting a tad bit better.

Belly Button in or out? in.

Wedding rings on or off? Off! I don’t want what happened last week to happen again so I keep all rings off now!

Happy or Moody most of the time:Mostly happy!

Looking forward to: in 2 weeks we have our BIG ultrasound where we will make sure the baby is developing right AND we will find out the gender! yay!

Thanks for reading!!!Until next week….

XOXO Love Always,


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