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Baby Angel Progress- Week 18

Wow, this week was a whirlwind!  It came and went so fast and SO much went on!  We went to Disneyland and California Adventure for 2 days, went to my dads wedding reception, went to Oceanside, announced the gender of Baby Angel and so much more…

How far along? 18 Weeks. July 15th, 2015

Total weight gain/loss: While writing this I’m not home to weight myself, so when I get home ill update this section!

Maternity clothes? Yes, just the same shorts, they are super comfy! and let me tell you, going to a maternity clothes store is SO much better then going to the Target maternity clothes section!  In my opinion the Target maternity clothes are not fitting or flattering (for me anyways) and….ya…just my opinion.

Stretch marks? Yes. Same ones, on my hips thankfully no new ones yet.

Sleep: This week we have been on the go (we were at Disneyland from 9:30am to 1:30am on day) so I have been sleeping pretty well.  A few weird dreams but other then that my sleep has been pretty good.  One of my freaky dreams this week was that I had to go to the doctor every 2 weeks and they cut me open to check on the baby then they sew me up.   Then I have to go back in another 2 weeks and they cut me open pull out my organs and check on the baby.  One time I even changed her diaper before they put her back in my tummy and sewed me up….so weird huh!

Best moment this week:  This week (like many in the past) I have so many best moments!  This week we traveled a lot, got to see a lot of family and revealed the gender of our baby and went to an Angels baseball game!

We did our maternity photos at Disneyland and California Adventure on day 1 and holy moly…what I have seen so far I LOVE!!!! (I’ll post a few here but I have a blog post dedicated to just our photos!)

I want to post so many more photos but I’m going to hold back and save them for my next blog post! It’s a GIRL!!! We will be naming “Baby Angel” Azalea

My dad came on the first day to take a few night shots of AJ and I!

We were one of the very last ones out of the park on the first day!

Of course when I finally beat hubby at Astro Blasters his score doesn’t show up!

The second day it was just hubby and I at Disneyland and California Adventure.

We watched the new World of Color at DCA and one part made me mad!  I won’t post any spoilers but I think the show should have stayed to what it was meant to be about.  Besides that one part I think it was pretty good!

After the first showing ofWorld of Color we booked it over to Toy Story Mania where there wasn’t much of a wait! woo hoo!

And of course…my score didn’t show up over at Astro Blasters in Disneyland.

We also watched the new Paint the Night parade, it was really good, the song it catchy!

I have so many more photos so if I happen to download them all in a decent time ill do another post on our trip!

We also got to meet up with one of my best friends George and his brother for some good ole’ Korean BBQ.  We were joking around that we both ate to much (and that what the bump in my belly really was) LOL it was very funny as you can see haha!

My dad’s wedding reception was on Sunday and it was Mickey and Minnie themed, here are a few photos!

The cupcakes were SO yummy!

And last but not least we went to an Angels game.  They played the Twins and were on a 7 game winning streak and of course the game we went to they lost.  We got free tickets so the seats were super super high up and to be honest I had a slight panic attack when we first got there.  The seats are so steep and yeah, we won’t be sitting that high up ever again… I like where we usually sit…low and close to the field haha

Oooh…another best moment this week was on Tuesday I felt the baby move consistently for the first time.  Before it was just here and there and even then i thought oh, maybe its not the baby but that day I knew it was her and I kept feeling her move!

Also…this isn’t a “best” moment,but a moment I wanted to take note of… but my Grandpa passed away on Saturday.  He was very ill, had dementia and was also very old and from what I hear he knew he was dining and he accepted it and was ready.  Even though we knew he wasn’t doing well, it has still been very hard on the family.  But I know he is with my Grandma now, they are together and happy!

This photo was taken the day he passed away back in my home town where he lived.   We were going up to visit him and he passed away around 8:00am the morning we were heading up there.

Food cravings: None yet, I’m hoping I get craving though, for some reason that was one thing I was looking forward too!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Meh, same as before….random smells and foods and sometimes I get car sick in the care more easily.

Gender: IT’S A GIRL!!!!! We actually have a hilarious story about the day we found out the gender that I will have to post another day…(this will be my reminder) but it is hilarious!

Labor Signs: None, thank goodness!

Symptoms: Sore everything this week from walking around so much but I regret nothing haha we had such  great time!

Belly Button in or out? in.

Wedding rings on or off? Off. super sad about it…

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy most of the time

Looking forward to: Well, now that we know the gender  I look forward to planning our baby shower!!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Love Always, Miyuki

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