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Baby Angel Progress- Week 21

This week was a little bit slower then the past few weeks, and I’m not complaining!  We have been on the go for the past few months so it feels great to be home and working on a few projects of my own.

How far along? 21 Weeks. August 5th, 2015

Total weight gain/loss: Off to the scale I go… okay, I currently weigh 134 lbs… seems a bit high to me but I usually weight myself in the morning and it is now the end of the day so…. give or take a few pounds…

Maternity clothes? Yes, I live in my 2 pairs of shorts I have haha

Stretch marks? Yes, same stretch marks on my hips…no new ones.

Sleep: Each night is different… one night this week I didn’t fall asleep till 5am and had to be awake at 8am, that wasn’t fun… every night is different but the worst part is actually getting comfortable enough to be able to fall asleep.

Best moment this week: This question always makes me laugh because eI always have more then one and they usually don’t always pertain to the baby or being pregnant LOL but here I go…. My husband felt the baby move for the first time!!! I was so excited for him, he always tries to feel her move but she’s always a little stinker and decides to move the second her lifts his hands.  He started reading to her a few weeks back and its so cool that when he starts to read to her I can feel her move! Warms my heart!!

I started sewing more stuff for the baby.  I sewed her a minky blanket and a few more double sided flannel blankets and I finally finished my nephews blanket… I’m sure you can tell which one is his haha….  This girl is going to be set on blankets!

I also sewed her these awesome fabric letters.  I am SO happy with how they turned out, I love how thick they are (2 pieces of fabric and 2 pieces of fleece).  They will make great fleece toys and when she’s older great learning tool.  They will go in a low basket for her to dump out and play with!  I got the idea off of pinterest, they were MUCH more time consuming then I thought they would be but they were so worth it!!!

This week we also completed one of our baby registries!  It was a lot of fun going through and scanning stuff.  We tried our best to be minimalists and only get what we think we would actually need/use and not just what we wanted.  

Also, even though I’m still super nauseous I have been able to get back into baking and making our healthy snacks.  This week I dehydrated 2 batches of apples and made a few loafs of chocolate chip zucchini bread that turned out DELICIOUS!

This isn’t exactly a “Best moment” but one I wanted to document.  On Saturday was my Grandpa’s funeral.  It was so sad but at the same time he was suffering so I also felt a feeling of relief for him.  Surprisingly the only time I cried (more like bawled and thought I was going to have to leave the room) was when the officiant kept talking about how my Grandma was there with him and they were finally together again, how she cooked him a warm homemade meal (she loved to cook for him and cooked every night) and how they would never be separated again…dang, just writing that brought me to tears.  Hearing that brought so much joy and closure to my heart and I am so happy they are together again even though I miss them both so much.  It was a military funeral and my husband was a pallbearer.

Labor Signs: None, but thinking about it gives me anxiety.  Now that I’m past the half way mark I can’t stop thinking about the future pain ill be in….yuck!

Symptoms: STILL everything as before, none of my symptoms have let up at all… I think I will be one of those unfortunate women who are sick their whole pregnancy.  I also have swollen hands and feet that ache…I’m sure thats mostly due to the heat.

Belly Button in or out? In…..BUT…. just recently I noticed that my belly button isn’t as deep as it was before so I’m thinking it will get pushed out eventually lol.

Wedding rings on or off? Off, sadly haven’t been able to wear it in a long time.  It doesn’t squeeze over my first knuckle!!!

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’d say happy!

Looking forward to: My baby shower!  It’s been a lot of work planning our baby shower but I can’t wait to get everyone together!  It will be a lot of fun.  Im STILL dreading my appointment ill be having in a few weeks….the dreaded glucose test and I have to get a TB test…blah…is it REALLY necessary?!  Grr…

Thanks for reading!


Love Always, Miyuki

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