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Baby Angel Progress- Week 24

This is my “woke up like this, no make-up on, don’t judge me, throw my hair up in a messy bun” look…and there’s a Rosko man (he’s so cute <3)  This week was very chill, had a few days where I was super sick but here I am, I survived to live to tell the tale.  24 weeks down, 16 more to go… I can do this!

How far along? 24 Weeks starting on August 26th, 2015

Total weight gain/loss: Yeah… it’s the very end of the day so I’m not going to go weight myself… I’ll update tomorrow

Maternity clothes? Yes and will need more soon…

Stretch marks? Yes, same ones…nothing new.  I don’t put as much of my belly balm stuff on as I should…

Sleep: This week wasn’t to-to bad.  Either that or I’m getting used to not sleeping well and waking up so often.  Its really hard for me to not sleep on my back.  Often my husband has to wake me up and tell me to go on my side when he finds me asleep on my back…thats one thing I can’t wait to go back to normal…being able to sleep on my back!

Best moment this week: This week was very chill and slow.  I got my results back for my glucose test which I failed by 9 points.  I was so super super upset over it that the doctor told me she wouldn’t make me go do the 3 hour test, that she would just do random blood draws on me to monitor my glucose levels.  I got a 139 when for her standards anything over 130 is failing.  Since I didn’t fail by that much (It’s not like I got a 180 or 200..) she said I will be fine….whew! Ill take random blood draws over the 3 hour test ANYDAY!

I found a new baby obsession… muslin and bamboo swaddles….holy moley they are so super soft and amazing… I may have gone over board buying them online but… I just had to haha and she will have an amazing stash and be so comfy and cute wrapped up in them These are 2 I got in a local store, and I have many, many more that will probably come in next week so they will be in next weeks blog…

This week we also ordered our first Tula’s!!! I got a standard Cloudy and a glow-meteor ring sling.  The ring sling is GORGEOUS!!!!! I am in love with it and I can’t wait for her to get here so I can carry her around in it!  The Cloudy is a grey carrier and I ordered custom accessories that are being made that will go on it!

Another best moment of the week is the other night the baby was moving around and kicking like crazy but usually when I tell my husband to “hurry up, feel her moving!” she always stops when he touches my belly but this time it was different.  He got to feel her kicking and pushing around, it was awesome!  He said “Is that her-whoa! is THAT her!!!?” haha!!!

Labor Signs: None.

Symptoms: Same as before.  I feel like I am having almost a text book pregnancy.  Almost everything you read about I have it (some things worst then norma). I have all day nausea still, swollen feet, swollen hands, in the mornings my hards are so cramped I have to have my husband massage them to get them moving again…. normal pregnancy stuff.

Belly Button in or out? In…but every week that goes by the shallowness of my bellybutton is getting shorter and shorter…

Wedding rings on or off? Off

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy

Looking forward to: I am looking forward to our baby shower that is going to be in a few weeks.  We have worked really hard on it so hopefully its a great turnout and time!

Thanks for reading,

XOXO Love Always, Miyuki

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