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Baby Angel Progress- Week 38

Well, I didn’t get to take my photo for Week 38 because I was admitted to the hospital the day I take my photo!  So, for this week Ill just post the few photos I did take.

How far along?: 38 Weeks starting December 2nd.

These 2 photos were my very last baby bump photos!!!

Total weight gain/loss: The day of my last appointment (Which was also the day I was admitted into the hospital) I weighed 162 lb.  So I gained a total of 47 lbs.

Maternity clothes? Yes, till the very end I wore maternity clothes

Stretch marks? Yep, I only got the ones on my hips and butt… not to bad!

Sleep: Super uncomfortable.  It is impossible for me to sleep with this big ole baby belly.

Best moment this week: Hello In n Out!  No joke, when we were eating I told my husband “Hmm… I wonder if this will be her last In n Out meal in my tummy? and it was!

This week we went to a labor and delivery class called “Labor of Love”.  It was actually a pretty cool class and we learned a lot. My favorite part was the breathing techniques and we actually used them during my labor!  My not so favorite part was lunch time.  I’m sure you’re thinking Whaaat?! Sounds like the best part of the day for a pregnant woman!  No.  During our lunch break they were so nice and served us lunch which my husband and I really appreciate BUT they decided to show on the projector big screen 3 live births; one with an epidural, one without an epidural and one c-section.  Let’s just say they showed everything…EVERYTHING!! And it was during lunch!!! I kept looking away because it was giving me anxiety and not the most pleasant thing to watch… but, all in all we liked the class and we learned a lot!

This week I also made some delicious No bake energy bites, definitely a “best” moment of the week because they are so delicious!

Labor Signs: This one cracks me up… and Ill be writing up my birth story and you will see why.  BUT, I have been having bad cramps that everyone has told me was Braxton Hicks… Ha… wait for my labor and delivery story and you will see what this is funny… but to help with the pain, cramps, and discomfort I was feeling I would sit and rock and lightly bounce on our exercise ball and it helped me a lot!

Symptoms: Same as before with added cramps and exhausted feeling and I feel her really low.

Belly Button in or out? Half and half I’d say…

Wedding rings on or off? Off

Happy or Moody most of the time: Both, I am so sleep deprived and uncomfortable so that gets the best of me sometimes…

Looking forward to: Our baby girls arrival!

Thank you all so much for following my pregnancy and staying up to date with me.  Little Miss is here and we are SO excited and happy and totally in love. My next blog post will be her birth story, and it’s a good one.

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for my next blog post!!!


Love Always Miyuki

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