• Ashley Angel

BIG Announcement

So, my husband and I have been hiding a pretty big surprise since April 8th and on May 18th we shared it with our Facebook friends and family!

We are expecting our first (human) child!  “Baby Angel” is expected to be here December 16th 2015!  We are both excited and can’t wait for that day to be here (well, minus the extreme pain i’ll be in…but ‘m trying to not think of all that).

Here is one of two of “Baby Angels” first photos!  My husband and I were SO shocked to see the baby moving around so much and to be able to already see the baby forming into a little human!  This ultrasound was taken at 9 weeks.  We also got to hear the heart beat and Dr. said it sounds great, which is awesome news!

Within the next few days I will be updating often until I get up to date with my weekly updates…so bare with me!

Thanks of reading!


Love Always,


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