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BIG Announcement!

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you already know, but if you don't....

I feel like this isn't the beginning of a new chapter but the beginning of a whole new book! We are beyond excited for this next adventure and thankful to get such an amazing opportunity. I'll be posting all of our Europe adventures here on my blog and over on Instagram so be sure to follow me over there.

See that little kids lawn chair? Thats where I sat for most of the day while I monitored the movers packing up our belongings.

We are currently in this weird in-between stage. The movers have came and boxed up all of our belongings that we are taking and it's all on it's way to Europe. We have moved out of our home and are temporarily staying with family until we make our big departure to Europe in a few weeks.

Thanks for following along and I look forward to sharing our new adventure with you all.



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