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Disney California Food & Wine festival 2016

My husband and I recently moved (hence why this post is so late) back to SoCal because of his job Yay! So I got a Disneyland season pass, WOO HOO! I’m officially a pass holder again!  Right away I wanted to plan my daughters first trip to the parks and when I saw  California Adventure was having their Food & Wine festival the same month we moved back I knew it was meant to be.

We attended the Food & Wine festival over in Epcot back in 2012 and loved it,so we were very excited to try out California Adventure’s version.

First thing I was super stoked about was the Annual Passholders lounge in the Blue Sky Cellar.  I showed them my pass and was handed a cute pin and a recipe card, Thanks California Adventure!

Okay, now back to the food.  Honestly, I can say that it was ALL so delicious.  There wasn’t one item that we didn’t like.  Of course we had our favorites but everything we tasted was really good.

At the LAStyle booth we got the Pork Belly Bao Taco with pickled vegetables- This was definitely my favorite.

At Wine Country we got the Zinfandel-Braised Wagyu Beef with creamy polenta and spring pea puree.  Another favorite!  I don’t even like peas at all (neither does by husband) but you better believe that plate was totally clean by the time we were done with it.

At Viva Fresca! we got both Fried Shrimp Soft Taco with pickled red onion-jalapeno, queso fresco and avocado-lime crème and the Anaheim Chile and Roasted Cauliflower Burrito with Jack cheese and avocado-lime crème.  Both super yummy, you can’t go wrong!

At the Gold Rush stand we got all three items; Artichoke Chips with Spicy Aioli (so good, I wish we got more though), Triple Cheese Mac with Smoked Chicken featuring Fontina, Cheddar and Gouda cheeses (amazing flavor!), and Apple Bacon Whoopie Pie with maple cream cheese icing and bacon brittle.  Now about the whoopee pie… call me crazy but I’m not one of those people who LOVE bacon on EVERYTHING, BUT, this was done very well and the bacon wasn’t over powering.

My husband being the Craft Beer Guy that he is got the Southern California beer flight and he enjoyed it down to the last drop.

Overall my husband and I had a great time and thought Disney did a great job putting together this month long event.  On the day we went there wasn’t any incredibly long lines, we didn’t have to  fight for a place to stop and eat and none of the booths ran out of food like I read a few other people said.  One thing that I think would be cool is if Disney brought in more booths that sell nonfood items.  California style crafters or brands would be cool.  I really hope they bring back the festival again next year!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Love Always,

Miyuki Angel

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