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Fall is Officially Here!

I am so happy that my favorite time of the year is finally here, Fall!  The weather is finally starting to cool down, the leaves are changing and there’s pumpkin spice flavored EVERYTHING being sold at every store!  Just kidding, I’m actually not a super fan of pumpkin spice but random things here and there I like but I don’t go crazy like some people do.

This is my daughter’s first Fall.  She turned 9 months old this month (shoot, I still need to do her monthly post!) and we started the First Day of Fall by snuggling up and reading “Mouse’s First Fall”.

I recently purchased her a bunch of books that are Fall themed.  All of these books I picked up at a discounted price from Home Goods.  Home Goods in my all time FAVORITE store!  Another great place to purchase books is a used book store.  We have purchased a ton of books for Azalea at used book stores and heavily discounted prices!

I decided to pack away most of her books and only keep out her baby style book or Fall/Halloween.  I plan to have our daily rhythm go off of the Seasons so when Winter comes around Ill pack up her Fall books and toys and bring out her Winter stuff.

I’m kind of slacking in the decor department this Fall season so last night I decided to make my very first Waldorf window stars.  I didn’t have kite paper  which is normally used but I did have some translucent origami paper that worked pretty well.

They actually turned out better then I expected them to.  The photo really doesn’t do them justice, when the light shines through they are so pretty and Azalea loved them!

I ended up  ordering a pack of kite paper from Amazon so I can make more.  My hubby laughed because he thinks I’m kidding but I plan on making stars of all different shapes for all the windows!  The different designs are endless.  In the winter time I’ll take these down and pack them away and make blue, white, and purple ones for winter.

I am currently working on a few other homemade Fall decorations for the house but I’ll save that for next time.

What are you guys doing to prepare and decorate for the Fall season?

Thanks for reading!



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