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How we found out our baby's gender!

On July 13th my husband and I got up super early to prep for our BIG ultrasound.  Our appointment was at 8:45AM and before my appointment I had to drink 2 full water bottles of water…blah! Sounded easier then it was because that early in the morning it is hard to drink that much- oh ya, and I had to “hold my bladder” as they said… so I couldn’t go to the bathroom until after the ultrasound…that kind of sucked.  Any ways, hubby and I didn’t decide until the day of our appointment how we would find out the gender.  We decided to have the ultrasound tech take then gender photo, print it out and out it in an envelope.  We wanted to go home and find out together, just us and our fur babies!

Well, while we were there she had us look away while she figured out the gender and then look back when she was done.  At some point during the appointment my husband and I BOTH thought we saw boy parts….we were both almost 90% sure of what we saw but neither of us wanted to ruin the surprise for each other.  On the way home I told him I thought I saw something but I didn’t want to ruin it for him so when we got home I wrote down what gender I thought I saw, hid it under some papers and we both sat down on the couch.

We opened the envelope together and were both shocked.  The ultrasound photo said “I’m a girl!”  Aj and I both couldn’t believe it, only because we BOTH swore we saw boy parts so the whole way home we were thinking (to ourselves) that we were having a boy LOL!  We were silent for about 30 seconds… it was quite funny. I cried for a few minutes then was quickly over it and excited that we knew the gender of our baby!  Aj even asked if there was another photo in the envelope but nope, only 1 baby! He also then told me that he swore he also saw boy parts HAHAHA, it was a hilarious moment that we will never forget!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Love Always, Miyuki

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