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If I could turn back time.

When stumbling upon this prompt it took me a minute to think of what moment I would want to go back to (if possible) and why.  Would I want to go back to a past time to relive it because it was THAT special of a moment? Or would I want to go back so I could change something?  Hmmm.. tough one.  I decided that I would want to go back to a moment because I loved it that much, or because it meant that much to me.  I wouldn’t want to go back in time to change something because I am very happy with where my life s right now and all the struggles I went through in the past led me to the life I am living.

So, what moment in the past would I want to go back to?  My wedding day, playing cards with my Grandma who has passed away (Those are some of the best moments I have with her), High school, feeling my daughter kick for the first time in my tummy, the first time I ever saw my daughter, my first Disneyland trip….so many great moments in my life I’d like to go back to.

If I could turn back time I would want to go back to the moment when I realized that I loved my husband (then boyfriend obviously) and I knew I wanted to marry him.  I realized how much I loved him a few days before he left for deployment and we were back home visiting family.  It was a freezing visit and Ill never forget how beautiful it was that evening before we left because it was snowing and we were talking about how much we would miss each other.

The moment I knew I wanted to marry this man was when he came home from deployment.  If we could make it through a deployment I truly believed we could make it basically through everything.  His cousin and I got there hours early and waited for them to come back.   Plane landed, everyone started cheering and screaming (and of course I started tearing up) and then we waited for him to walk thru the gates.  His cousin spotted him first and I ran through the crowd and leaped into his arms. BEST.FEELING.EVER.

...Okay, I guess that’s 2 moments but hey, its my dream of a blog post, right?

So, what about you? If you could turn back time, what moment would you go back to and why?

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Love Always, Miyuki

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