• Ashley Angel

Labor and Delivery Nurse "Thank You" bags.

I’ve seen on Pinterest, moms who have made their nurses little thank you gifts and I thought it was the most thoughtful and amazing thing ever.  I’ve seen everything from candies, handmade thank you cards, baked goods, gift cards and random other stuff. I wanted to do the same thing for my nurses and team who will be there for me as a major Thank You because I can only imagine the kind of pain in the butt I will be (ha!) so I decided on goodie bags!

The bags above have: Nivea Chap Stick Ghirardelli Chocolates Eucerin hand cream and a candy cane

The bags below have: Dial hand sanitizer Blistex chap stick Ghirardelli Chocolates and a candy cane

I thought they turned out so cute and festive!  I hope they like them and know how much they are appreciated!  I made 8 bags plus a bunch of candy canes for backups in case we run out but I might make a few more goodie bags jus in case, I’d hate to run out!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Love Always, Miyuki

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