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Our Gender reveal and Maternity photos at Disneyland

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I’ve been meaning to create this blog post for a while now but life got busy but here I am feeling sicker then a dog with all day morning sickness so now I have time to write it up.

Our day of our shoot started early.  We got to the happiest place on earth a little after the park opened and were ready to hit the road (well, Mainstreet) running.

We started out with what I have been wanting to do since the moment we found out we were having a girl and we figured out what her name would be.  We went straight to the hat store on Mainstreet and got Little Miss. Azalea’s name embroidered on a Mickey Mouse hat!

Getting her name embroidered on a hat made it seem so much more “real” and I got extremely excited!

We then went to the booth at the end of Mainstreet and got a “1st visit” button.

We then made our way to the castle…

Next we headed over to Snow Whites wishing well and made a wish for our sweet baby girl.

We wanted a photo so bad on the carousel so we waited in line, hopped on the best looking horse then jumped off before the ride started…ha!  Even when I’m not pregnant I cannot ride any rides that go round and round and round… I’d be sick for the rest of the day so a quick drive by for a photo op was perfect!

I love this photo….the colors, the love, everything about it I just adore!

My knight in shining armor.

One of my favorite spots in Disneyland is the much underrated “It’s a small world”.  Yeah, the ride is a little annoying but the outside  is so beautiful, I could just stare at it AND once your on the ride it’s super air conditioned…score!  You just got to put up with the repetitive song that plays over, and over, and over again.

True love… I love my husband with all my heart and I think our chemistry shows in all of our photos, so much love.

It was SO incredibly hot and humid that day.  I honestly have never been in so cal and felt such terrible humidity in my entire life!  The weather was crazy but we kept pushing on!  No heat and humidity would stop us from keep on keepin’ on!  We took a small break so I could get something into my system… the pineapple at Disneyland is always so yummy!  Although these aren’t the most flattering photos (me stuffing my face haha) it was still part of our magical day…

Next up was Minnie’s house!

Then on to Mickey’s pad…

This is my all time favorite photo of the day.  This is a car right at the exit of Mickey’s house…my favorite! I can’t wait to come back and take a photo just like this with Azalea in it

As we were leaving we happened to stumble across Pluto! He’s so cute!

Right before we left Disneyland and headed to California Adventure, we had to snap one more photo…

Oh and we literally ran into Donald at the exit. He took us for a quick and short stroll!

On to California Adventure for more photos.  Disneyland was super packed so it was a nice change to be in the less busy California Adventure.

We went straight to one of our favorite spots for photos!  For some reason it is always practically empty!

This is my favorite photo from this area of the park… I LOVE it!!!

Snapped hubby looking cute in Azalea’s hat

Here is my handsome buying our pink balloon prop for more photos…

I wanted so badly to have photos with JUST the pink Mickey head balloon so my dad and hubby made it happen…thanks guys! P.S… who else hates the sound of a popping balloon?  I thought for sure it was going to pop but nope, they must be pro balloon air letter-outers…

Here is another one of my favorite spots in California Adventure.  It is totally underrated, I have loved this spot for years, I even have a photo in this exact spot printed out and in our living room… I love it!

Costume change!

I Love Carsland at night!

Oh you know, just us casually dancing on the boardwalk in the backside of California Adventure…

Back to Disneyland for a few night photos… My dad met up with us and took a few photos as well, that will be another post.

I love this photo!

All of our photos turned out so amazing!  BIG thank you to our photographer (and my Aunt) Deborah from Deborah Nagai photography.  She was game for everything and very open to all my photo ideas and visions of what photos I really wanted.  Now we will have these photos to cherish forever and we are so grateful!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Love Always Miyuki

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