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Our journey across the world [Part 2 of 2]

Just got off the plane in Norfolk and heading to pick up our dog Espy. It had been almost a full day of travel and not being able to see her!

After our two hour layover in Colorado we finally left and landed in Norfolk Virginia very late at night. We were so happy to finally see Espy, it had been a full day since we saw her last so we all were happy to see each other again.

She was so happy to be out of the crate!

After getting Espy and all of our luggage, the girls and I all waited at one end of the airport (where we picked up our luggage) and Daddy went to the complete other side of the airport to pick up our rental car. Luckily everyone was tired so watching over all our luggage, Espy and Zae was pretty easy.

We spent two days in Virginia where most of the time was spent relaxing in our room watching movies and recuperating from our long day of traveling and the time change. It felt great not having to be rushing around trying to catch flights, getting from one gate to another, worrying about our dog Espy and being able to relax in a bed.

They were waiting so patiently and looked so cute together I had to snap a few photos!

It started feeling real when it was time to load up from the lodge and head to the airport. I mean real, REAL! We were finally leaving America and leaving the country and this is really happening- The final leg of the trip!

The military airport was small but really cool! Outside they had two parks for the kids to play at. I think this is fantastic and so thoughtful for the families coming and going.

Zae really enjoyed it, that's for sure.

This is just to show you that the whole trip wasn't all butterflies and rainbows. Everyone was tired and we all had our moments. I couldn't tell you exactly what she was upset about at this moment but this is real life. I couldn't blame her for it though. I can't even imagine what she is feeling at this exact moment. We picked up and moved and have been traveling for so long and I know she doesn't fully understand. If I'm being honest with you guys, when we first moved from our home three months ago, Zae was very, very upset. She didn't understand. She missed her friends, missed her toys, and missed her house. It was the only home she knew! She acted out, stopped listening and was clearly so unhappy. When we left on the plane for our new home she perked up. We have been talking about this moment with her for so long and she knew it was finally here. Her excitement kept me going and kept me staying positive! So in the photo below she is clearly very upset, but know this little girl has been through a lot the past few months and she's a strong resilient wildflower.

Check out our last American Sunset for three years! It was gorgeous. We also saw fireflies for the first time ever! I was SO excited and got it on film, hopefully I'll be able to upload the video here soon.

Photo of a firefly in a bush! To this California girl, it was amazing to see.

Okay so here's the kicker. You didn't think everything would go this smoothly did you? Our flight from Virginia to Europe got delayed by....ready for this? FIVE HOURS! What?! and our flight wasn't at a convenient time like during the day, we were supposed to leave at 1AM and didn't leave until a little after 6AM. Everyone in the airport scrambled to find a place to sleep when they announced it. It was wonderful (insert sarcastic face HERE.) There were people sleeping everywhere! The floors were covered in people trying to get some sleep before the flight. Luckily when they announced our delay I was already sitting on a couch in the USO's kids room so Zae had a nice comfy couch to sleep on.

After our long five hour delay we were finally ready to board the plane! The plane hadn't taken off yet and little Zae was already sound asleep. She's so cute!

All the traveling + the time change + the five hour delay = one tired toddler (and parents!)

The flight from Virginia to our final destination was an easy one. Zae slept most of the time but woke up and did some coloring. I watched a few episodes of Riverdale, and kept peeking out the window for signs of land.

We were SO excited to finally see land for the first time in nine hours!!! That first photo was literally the first piece of land we saw since leaving Virginia. The first time seeing Europe, ever!

Finally landed!!! When we first walked down the steps from the plane I couldn't help but tear up. Shoot, I'm tearing up right now just thinking of the moment. I couldn't believe we were here. I've said this before and I'll say it about a dozen times more...this small town girl has never left the country before so to be stepping off a plane into Europe and to be living here for three years just blows my mind. It's really happening! I'm excited and nervous and scared all at the same time. Actually, it was also kind of a "oh sh*t this is really happening" moment too LOL.

We weren't allowed to take photos while exiting the plane and walking on the flight line so this is the end of my photos. It was a long couple of days as we traveled across the world to our new home but it was an adventure!

We made it safe and sound and incredibly jet lagged.

Thank you guys for following along, we have been here about three weeks now and I already have a few new blog posts up my sleeve. A couple recipes, my first reactions to being here, tips for adjusting to the time change and more!

Thanks for reading!

Love Always,


-Ashley (Miyuki)

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