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Peek into our Halloween Homeschool activities.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

There’s something about the crisp cool Fall weather that just makes my heart full and my soul sing. It’s time to break out your cozy warm clothes, head to a pumpkin patch, make some delicious homemade apple cider and pull out all your favorite Fall and Halloween homeschool resources!

I have so many fun Fall and Halloween activities and lessons planned for the month of October but I wanted to highlight a few from my favorite curriculum- The Habitat Schoolhouse. They have the best resources and curriculum and its absolutely beautiful!

The first activity in our Fall and Halloween lesson I want to show you guys are these three part cards. They’re Autumn themed and absolutely gorgeous! We started three part cards last year but this year my daughter is really understanding and enjoying them. I personally like to prep them by cutting and laminating them for durability. Laminating them ensures we can use them for years to come. The Habitat Schoolhouse has so many in their Autumn set that I can split them up into two or three sets and spread them out throughout the Fall season. How awesome is that?

Next up is this fun Halloween Hunt. We love scavenger hunts in my house! This specific Halloween hunt will be so fun for our family because we’re all dressing up as Black Cats for Halloween and we are doing an entire bat week for school! My daughter will really enjoy searching and doing everything on the Halloween hunt sheet! I’ll be laminating this printout as well for durability. I know this will be a fun Halloween activity we do every year.

We’re also starting to work on writing out our letters. My daughter is still young (almost four years old) but she wants to learn to write so bad! Every week we focus on a different letter and do a little practice writing. This Habitat Schoolhouse Spooky Alphabet letter tracing will be a hot item this month. She loves to trace letters and the illustrations on this printable are absolutely beautiful. I’m very selective when it comes to which curriculum and printable we use in our homeschool based on the illustrations and Habitat Schoolhouse totally makes the cut for me. Ill be printing out a few of these printables to use throughout the month.

This month is sure to be a fun one here at Wildflower Schoolhouse. We truly love all things Fall and Halloween so I have nearly endless activities and spooky lessons planned.

Use code HIVE6 to save 10% at checkout at Habitat Schoolhouse (offer excludes Teachers lounge.)

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