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Santa Cruz Homeless Garden Project- Natural Bridges Farm

About a week ago my husband and I went to Santa Cruz for a little vacation, it was amazing.  The weather there was beautiful and totally better then the 100+ degree weather we have been having back at home.  While we were there we went to the beach and went exploring.  While we were exploring we stumbled across Natural Bridges Farm.  Sorry for the terrible pic, but the sign reads: “Natural Bridges Farm is a community urban farm ran by the Homeless Garden Project who speaks to serve the homeless and other members of the community by providing job training, a safe and beautiful community space and delicious local organic produce”.

When we pulled up I was in awe.  I love gardening but I really love gardening for a cause.  Husband and I walked around and the garden/farm is beautiful, I dream of having a garden like this full of rows of veggies and beautiful flowers and fruits!

While we were there we decided to pick to baskets of organic strawberries.  Oh man, these strawberries are delicious!  It was fun because we got to pick our own, I LOVE that!!!

There were rows and rows of beautiful sweet ripe organic strawberries waiting to be picked!

Hubby and I picked 2 baskets of Organic strawberries and it was only $5.00 for both!

Don’t these strawberries look delicious!

I can’t wait to come back here one day, it will definitely be a stop we make every time we visit Santa Cruz!

I highly suggest everyone who travels to Santa Cruz to check it out, its beautiful, has yummy organic fruits and veggies and is for a great cause!

Thanks for reading!


Love Always, Miyuki

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