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The beginning of our journey across the world [Part 1 of 2]

We knew yesterday would eventually come but it still felt like it never would.

Months ago, maybe six months or so we found out we were moving to Europe for three years. I'll never forget where I was and how I found out. I was just about to leave the gym with my friend when I got the call from my husband. We knew he was due for a overseas duty station but we always assumed it would be to Japan since thats where the majority of Marines go. He added a long pause for drama and then let the good news roll. I was in disbelief! I cried a little but mostly was just in shock. I was excited, scared, happy and about a dozen other emotions, thoughts and questions went whirling through my head.

One of the first things Zae asked when we told her we were moving was if she could get her "shish" (fish) when we got there. She's been wanting a pet fish for a while and we had told her that when we move she can get one and she remembered! We've been talking about this "shish" for so long and I can't wait to get her one!

Three months later the movers came and packed up all of our household goods and shipped it across the world. (That will be another blog post some day)

Another three months passed and here we are today.

But let me back up to yesterday. Yesterday (June 23, 2019) started our actual journey across the world to our new home. Yesterday we woke up, loaded the car (BIG thank you to one of my best friends George for taking us to the airport BTW. <3) and headed to LAX.

I also had to say one of my hardest "see you later/goodbyes" yesterday.

Unfortunately we couldn't bring my dog Rosko with us. On the military flight there was room for only one dog so we had to pick. We decided to take our younger dog Espy and Rosko would stay with my Grandma. Rosko wouldn't be able to be in the cabin with us, he would have to go down in the cargo area. He's 11 years old and I just couldn't do that to him.

Look at those eyes. I love my boy!

My heart is broken. I've had him for 11 years and we've never been apart for very long. Thats a long time! He was with me every day for 11 years (obviously minus the days we were on vacation but even then sometimes we brought him with us!) He's been there for me through some of my darkest and hardest times. I'm crying just typing this up. I'm trying to stay positive but we won't be back for three years and when we get back he will be 14 years old. Will he still be alive then? Yesterday I felt like I was saying goodbye to my boy forever. I'm heartbroken.

Their last walk together for three years.

On the bright side, he will be very well taken care of. Him and my Grandma are two old peas in a pod as I like to say. He gets her out of the house a few times a day for walks, they take naps together every day and they keep each other company. It almost feels like it was meant to be so if anything, knowing he is so loved and well taken care of brings my heart peace and makes me so happy.

Our first stop was to drop off Espy with United. She was so scared and I felt incredibly bad but I knew she would be okay. She was in the crate for a total of 12 hours yesterday with no potty breaks and no stretching. I asked if we could take her out during our layover but I guess two hours isn't long enough because they said no. I was worried about her but she ended up being okay and was so happy to see us.

One last hug before we drop Espy off with United!

We flew from LAX to Denver Colorado where we had a two hour layover and a terrible lunch. From Denver we flew to Virginia for a short stay before heading to our final stop and to our new home in Europe.

Think we have enough luggage? Getting ready to fly out of LAX!

Flying over beautiful snow covered mountains in Colorado.

We've been preparing for this for so long and we're ready. Many tears have fallen leading up to today but mind is open and I'm ready for this experience for my family.

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