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Whats's in my Delivery Bag?

After about three weeks of my half packed hospital bag staring me down, last night I finally got around to finishing the job.  Hospital bag is packed and ready to go so now we are REALLY ready for our Little One to arrive!

Last night we had a bit of a scare, I won’t get into any details but I called my doctor this morning and she had a late delivery so she wasn’t in the office so I’m waiting for a call back but I’m sure everything is just fine.  Any ways, because of last nights scare I wanted to get a move on this blog post.

To get my list started I scoured good old Pinterest for different lists.  I searched and pinned and searched lists and from those lists I picked out the items that I thought pertained to me or that I thought would be useful while in the hospital.

So, here’s my list for what I packed for our hospital stay…

Hair Clip

Hand sanitizer (travel section in Target)


Lip balm

Organic Nipple Balm, I got the “Boob Ease” brand from Babies R Us

Make up remover wipes (travel size from Target)

Deodorant (Travel section from Target)

Stress Zapper roll on essential oils (I got this from an all natural store in Santa Rosa, CA.  Sorry I can’t remember the name)

Hair brush

Vitamins (sample pack from my doctor)

*Update: It's so funny to read what I packed while I'm transferring my posts over to my new blog. I have since switched to much healthier/organic/natural products!

Disposable nursing pads.  I have cloth reusable ones but while in the hospital I plan on using up these disposable ones.  I got these from when we did our baby registry at Babies R Us and Buy Buy baby in my little goodie bag I received.

Relaxing Lavender room mist.  I got this at my local Raleys grocery store in the naturals department.  I love this stuff, its so calming and amazing and I (or my hubby) will be spraying this in our room for a nice calming effect.

Sweat suit.  This will be my going home outfit.  I wanted something super comfy and super warm so this is what I decided on.  I looked and looked and looked everywhere for one and I was so shocked to not be able to find a plain one that didn’t have some tacky writing on the butt.  I looked online, the mall, target, everywhere! I ended up going to Walmart of all places as a last resort and what do you know, they had a great set by Hanes.  It was super affordable and fits great.  I hate Walmart but I’m so glad they had EXACTLY what I was looking for.  Also, it’s a zip up sweater, not a pull over so breastfeeding will be easier! Zip up sweater: $10.88 Sweat Pants: $5.00 What a Steal huh!?

Night Gown.  This is for after I have the baby.  I originally wanted to wear it while I was in labor and having the baby but after hearing and realizing how messy it gets, I decided I’d wear their hospital gown during labor and birth and wear mine right after.  I will be much more comfortable in my own and it will be nice being in something normal when friends and family come by. I had specific things I was looking for in a night gown for the hospital; 1. it had to be short sleeved so it wouldn’t interfere with any cords or Iv’s. 2. It had to have a button down top so I could breast feed in it. 3. It couldn’t be toooooooo ugly looking, HA! I know this isn’t the cutest night gown in the world BUT again, like the sweat suit I searched and searched everywhere for one and couldn’t find one that fit all my needs.  I looked online, Target, the mall, EVERYWHERE! and of course, I ended up finding this beauty at (of course of all places….) Walmart! Ugh, I hate supporting that company BUT I needed it and it was a great price. Night Gown: $10.00

Nursing Tank.  When searching for the right nursing tanks I took to the internet and was looking up what other moms suggested.  The one that I saw was the most talked about and loved was the “Women’s Nursing Henley Cami by Gilligan & O’Malley”.  Now since I have never nursed before I took their word for it and bought one in my favorite color, grey!  The fit is great, the length is perfect and I guess Ill see how well it works when the baby is here and I actually get to use it.  Ill be going back and getting a second one in either “Heather Grey” or “Heather Oatmeal” Target Nursing Tank: $19.99

This handy dandy accordion file thingy.  I don’t really know what else to call it.  When we went to preregister at the hospital we got a bunch of paperwork to take home so we bought this to keep the paperwork safe and in good condition.  I know we won’t need that paperwork at the hospital but I’m mostly wanted to bring it so that whatever they give us at the hospital (foot prints, name tag, paperwork, our bracelets, etc.) safe. I can remember how much we paid for this but I’m sure it was only a few dollars, maybe $2-$3?

Of course there are my last minute things ill throw in my bag but can’t pack yet because I use them every day.

A few things that I packed but aren’t pictured are:

Nursing bra, socksTowel & wash cloth (Yes, I know that the hospital has them but I just can’t get myself to use them, it grosses me out because Im a bit of a germaphobe and I’d rather use my own)Shampoo and conditioner.  Again, I know the hospital will supply it if I don’t bring it but I have really long and thick hair so Id rather use my own.Flip flops for the showerExtra shorts and bra type top to wear in the laboring tub.  My hospital has a laboring tub that I am hoping to get into while I am there.  I know depending on my labor (how fast or slow its going) I may not get to but just in case, I’m bringing  it anyways!

Last Saturday my husband and I went to a “Labor of Love” Child birth class and during the class the nurse told us about a birth she helped out with a few days prior.  She said it was beautiful.  She said the couple had the lights dimmed and had music playing and it just set this amazing calming tone in the room and kept everyone calm.  After she was done talking about how beautiful it was I knew thats exactly how I want my labor and forth to go.  Calm. I’m a very uptight, stressed out pretty much all the time person so anything that will keep me calm is a score in my book.  We will be bringing our little travel iPod dock to play my playlist on plus I have my lavender essential oils to spray in the room.  I’m hoping it will help me stay calm and focused on the beauty of what will be going on and not on the pain.  I think its no secret that I am completely terrified of whats to come (the pain).  I’m hoping that my mindset completely changes and when its go-time I switch into a different mindset and my fear turns into determination!

Wow, I kind of went off topic and rambled there for a minute, sorry guys!   Any ways, thats what I packed in my hospital bag.  Im sure I forgot to add a  few things that I packed already, If I did and I remember ill sure to add it to this post.  I probably overpacked but honestly, I’d rather be over prepared then not prepared and wish I had brought something! All our bags are packed and ready to go!

Anything I forgot?  Comment below, I’d love to hear feedback and suggestions!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Love Always, Miyuki

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